Fashion School, Chiasso

Fashion School, Chiasso

The project for the new textile technical vocational center in Chiasso is located in an area of marked urban character at the interface between the railway axis and the urban agglomeration. The project finds reference in the morphological and material characteristics of the site, as well as in the evocative and immaterial heritage of the build environment along the entire railway axis. The characteristics of the industrial reference, such as the wide spaces, the simplicity of the construction system and the organizational pragmatism, are ennobled in a public building. The volume relates to a territorial scale, continuing the linearity of the railway station as a whole and at the same time opening up an urban space towards the city center. The infrastructural vocation of the site and the identity of the school define the character of the architecture. The building is presented as an infrastructure made up of its essential functional areas: a platform formed by the parking garage, a public ground floor in continuity with the station, a first floor dedicated to didactics and the laboratories on the second floor. The organizational concept of the interior spaces envisages a learning landscape that breaks down the classic division between corridor and room. The ground floor, located at the interface between the underground parking garage and the school building, presents an open space formulated as an extension of the entrance loggia. The laboratories on the second floor are ideally illuminated, with north-facing sheds bringing diffuse and constant light into the space.

Fashion School
Type of commission
Open Competition, 5. Prize

Building type

Canton Ticino

63'800 m³

Denisa Balaj, Luca Pessina

Landscape Architecture
LINEA Landscape Architecture

Structural Engineer
Ingeni SA

Building Technology
Visani Rusconi Talleri S.A.

Electrical Engineer
Elettroconsulenze Solcà S.A

Building Physics
Evolve S.A.

Fire Technician
Swiss Safety Center S.A.