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The practice includes an heterogenic body of projects both in scale and program, favouring interdisciplinarity over specialization. The project process is developed across all phases of work, from conception to final realization, constantly investigating the potential of the project on multiple levels, constructive, spatial, material and immaterial, in order to provide a clear response to the complexity of the issue.

Luca Pessina

Luca Pessina (1981) grew up in Bellinzona and graduated with honours from the ETH Zurich in 2007. After experiences in Lugano, New York and Zurich, he founded Pessina Architects in Zurich in 2010, in parallel with his academic work. Following the first realizations in Ticino, he opened the Lugano office in 2015, continuing his activity along the axis between the Italian and German part of Switzerland. Luca Pessina is active within the SIA (Swiss Association of Engineers and Architects) and is currently a member of the Board of Group Architecture and the Advisory Board of Contracting.


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