Port Gitana, Bellevue GE

Port Gitana, Bellevue GE

The shore of Bellevue overlooks the open landscape of Lake Geneva, with the Alps in the background, where Mont Blanc emerges. The architecture assimilates the elements that mark the atmosphere of the place: the calm, the horizontality, the width of the spaces, the shape of the roofs and the sails on the lake. The project connects the existing structures of the village core into a coherent whole and at the same time opens the public space towards the lake. The program includes the construction of a hotel with restaurant and the construction of a public building with exhibition space, congress and offices. The functions are divided into two volumes, different in proportions and orientation in relation to the two typologies, but united by the same composing elements. An essential and filigree architecture, with a transparent and permeable ground floor, which enables the contact between the centre of the village and the lake shore. The suspended roofs emphasize the continuity of the open spaces and mark an uninterrupted horizontal line that relates to the width of the lake. The curtains on the upper floors extend the morphology of the roofs of the buildings along the shore and relate to the lightness of the sails on the water.

Port Gitana
Bellevue GE
Cultural, Offices, Restaurant, Hotel
Type of commission
Open Competition

Denisa Balaj, Luca Pessina

Commune de Bellevue

Structural Engineer
Ingegneri Pedrazzini Guidotti

Landscape Architecture
MAP Paysage

Building Technology
Visani Rusconi Talleri S.A.

Building Physics
Evolve S.A.