Civic Center, Ascona

Civic Center, Ascona

With the project for the new civic center of Ascona, the opportunity to connect the present built and landscape elements is presented, giving shape to a unified and coherent ensemble, capable of enhancing the public character of the area as well as clarifying the definition of its external spaces. The existing school complex is completed with a variety of different contents, which, thanks to their heterogeneity, increase the functional diversity and urban character of a key area, located at the interface between the agglomeration, the school center and “Parco dei Poeti”. The program is distributed into two separate buildings, going to outline a volumetric composition in relation to the school building. The two volumes are placed in a precise and anchored way, completing the succession of the constructed along Via delle Scuole and opening the public space towards Riale Brima. The building dedicated to the contents of the municipal administration defines the recreation space of the school complex to the east and provides a termination to the street to the north. Perpendicular to the axis of the riale, a public purpose building contains the functions of the multi-purpose hall on the first floor and the nursery school on the ground floor. The entrances of the buildings face the middle space, defined by the arcades that relate to the covered space of the elementary school building. A varied and precise sequence of outside spaces is thus established, contributing to the definition of a public center. The composition of the two buildings is based on the modular repetition of the identical building elements, assembled serially until the only exception is the roof of the multipurpose hall, which marks its public character. The compositional system is based on a timber filigree construction, attributing order and lightness to the structure. The architectural vocabulary of the buildings is defined in continuity with the built and natural elements.

Civic Center
Multipurpose hall, canteen, nursery school, administrative
Type of commission
Competition with selective procedure, 1. Prize

6'500 m³

Municipality of Ascona

Aramis Vincenzi, Luca Pessina

Structural Engineer
Ingeni SA

Building Technology
Rigozzi Engineering

Electrical Engineer
Elettroconsulenze Solcà

Building Physics
Galli Partners Consulting

Stefano Zeni