Reuse AET area, Bodio

Reuse AET area, Bodio

Key theme of the project is energy, which represents the raison d'être and founding moment of the complex, marked in particular by the presence of the historic Biaschina power station. The dual task of the competition, the redevelopment of the area and the edification of the building that houses the new functions, together with the reuse of the historic power plant, represents an opportunity to form a harmonious and coherent whole, in line with the specific features of the context. Buildings of different characteristics, united by the spirit in which they were built, are assembled here in the relationship between volumes and open spaces. In a kind of industrial archaeology, traces of the pre-existing buildings are brought to the surface. The building of the Biaschina power plant represents the main moment of the ensemble, the starting point of the industrial area of the Bodio valley and organizing pivot of the complex. The presence of the historic power plant is maintained and reinforced through the open spaces as well as through the position and character of the new building. The area is defined as an alpine campus in continuity with the pre-existing buildings. The track element leading to the Biaschina power plant represents the backbone of the complex. The volume of the new building is marked as a public building toward the street, reinforcing a scenography that accompanies the view towards the power plant. A mineral ground floor marks a common horizon that includes the caesura of the highway infrastructure. In the spirit of the prior interventions, the new building directly addresses its function and the processes that take place within it, determined in this case by the linear movement of the bridge crane. The building with the new functions consists mainly of its primary elements, where the structure is the generating and essential element of the architecture. Materials are used in their natural characteristics. A regular and repetitive structure, consisting of precast concrete pillars and a timber roof, ensure minimal use of resources and maximum flexibility and convertibility for future use. As a result of its modularity and repetitiveness, the structure can be extended or reduced over time. Subordinate to the primary system of the structure, internal divisions and facades are executed by assembling standard industrial elements.

Reuse AET area
Educational, Industrial
Type of commission
Competition with selective procedure, 1. Prize

Building type
Newbuild / Reuse

Azienda Elettrica Ticinese

10'000 m³

Alessandro Luraschi, Luca Pessina

Landscape Architecture
Officina del Paesaggio

Structural Engineer
Ingeni SA

Building Technology
Visani Rusconi Talleri

Electrical Engineer
Elettroconsulenze Solcà

Building Physics

Fire Technician

Stefano Zeni