Multifunctional Shooting Center, Monte Ceneri

Multifunctional Shooting Center, Monte Ceneri

The project is located on Monte Ceneri, the geographical center of the Canton of Ticino and topographical caesura that divides the Piano di Magadino from the upper Vedeggio Valley. On the ridge of the mountain, the Swiss Army has, over the years, developed a complex infrastructure system of defense and logistics. The Multifunctional Center replaces the existing structures and brings together in a single structure the activities carried out by the military, sport shooters, the police corps, border guards and hunters. The program includes reception spaces, administrative spaces, shooting lines (with 300, 100 and 50 meter canes), a series of public areas (restaurant, modular multipurpose rooms) and a refuge for 800 places. The proposed solution provides for the complete undergrounding of the firing lines, thanks to the accurate handling and arrangement of the excavation material. The presence of the intervention is declared by the public spaces and the park positioned above the firing lines. The access building is embedded in the topography and is perceptible thanks to the presence of a large roof that rises from the basement hosting the shooting activities. The load-bearing structure of the emergent building consists of a series of main concrete beams supported at 3 points (two façade pillars and a central wall slab), so as to divide the total width into two spans. Transversely, a second order of beams made of wood carpentry is placed. The load-bearing structures of the basement levels are realized with a traditional system of massive walls and floors in in-situ reinforced concrete.

Multifunctional Shooting Center
Monte Ceneri
Sport, educational, offices
Type of commission
Competition with selective procedure, 3. Prize

Building type
Reuse / Newbuild

Canton Ticino

100’000 m³

Denisa Balaj, Alessio Crespi

Tocchetti Architetti Ingegneri

Landscape Architecture
Lorenz Eugster Landschaftsarchitektur

Structural Engineer
Ingegneri Pedrazzini Guidotti
Tunesi Ingegneria

Building Technology
Visani Rusconi Talleri S.A.

Electrical Engineer
Elettroconsulenze Solcà S.A.

Building Physics
Evolve S.A.

Fire Technician
Swiss Safety Center S.A.

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