Reuse Ex Macello area, Lugano

Reuse Ex Macello area, Lugano

The area of the former slaughterhouse is defined by a series of elements which are repeated according to a number of rules, forming a city within the city. The student house building becomes the opportunity to affirm a hortus conclusus, closing the enclave of the monumental ensemble. The intervention is inserted along the river axis. The access space acts as a catalyst for the whole area, where a large suspended shed defines an urban moment. The intervention strategy is to conserve and enhance the existing buildings, preserving their nature and character as much as possible, continuing the industrial vocation of the area. The new elements, such as circulation, mezzanines and services, fit into the monumental structure as an objet trouvé. The volume of the student house completes the orthogonal layout of the original building. The living units benefit from a double orientation, with the walkway animating the enclave of the former slaughterhouse. The building's layout composes an open and adaptable infrastructure. A high degree of prefabrication and as little material as possible is used in the new building. The north façade of the building is conceived by a series of reinforced concrete partitions. HEB200 metal beams are placed on these elements, which in turn define the volumes of the walkway and the rooms, leaning on composite steel-concrete columns. The slabs of the interior spaces are designed with prefabricated wooden box elements. The slabs of the galleries are made of precast reinforced concrete.

Reuse Ex Macello area
Culture, Restaurant, Student House
Type of commission
Open Competition, 2. Prize

Building type
Reuse / Newbuild

City of Lugano

25'800 m³

Denisa Balaj, Luca Pessina

Landscape Architecture
Ghiggi Paesaggi

Structural Engineer
Schnetzer Puskas Bauingenieure

Building Technology
Visani Rusconi Talleri S.A.

Electrical Engineer
Evolve S.A.

Building Physics
Evolve S.A.

Fire Technician
Swiss Safety Center S.A.

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